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MAM Technology

MAM-A Inc. is the CD-R and DVD-R specialist in manufacturing. We produce a complete range of CD-R and DVD-R media, (once-only recordable discs) and hold a worldwide patent on one of the key components involved in the manufacturing process.  MAM offers  the highest-quality and most durable recordable media available. Offering a wide range of CD-R and DVD-R media, it is chiefly designed for professionals and industry specialists who need to store, distribute and duplicate data.

The Colorado production site
MAM-A Inc. has been in the CD-R and DVD-R manufacturing business since 1996, serving a worldwide network of corporations, end-users, resellers and OEM partners with only the highest quality recordable media products and services available. Products include: MAM Silver CD-R, Gold CD-R, Medical CD-R, Archive CD-R and DVD-R. By developing cost-effective and efficient products, MAM-A Inc. has established a reputation as a quality manufacturer in the recordable media industry. Through leading edge technology and intelligent marketing, MAM-A Inc. has become the most trusted name in CD-Recordable and DVD-R media.

CD-R technology
Since the laser which records the data burns the dye, it is a key aspect of the technology required to manufacture a high-quality CD-R. Indeed, One of MAM-A Inc.'s greatest strength lies in its use of the patented Phthalocyanine, the best organic dye currently available.

All MAM-A CD-R discs contain:
a polycarbonate layer
a photosensitive dye layer (Mitsui's patented Phthalocyanine)
a reflective layer (gold or silver)
a protective lacquer layer
an additional protective top layer (MAM-A's exclusive Diamond Coat)
With its worldwide patent on Phthalocyanine (tha-lo-sy-a-neen), MAM-A Inc., by integrating this into the manufacture of its media, derives considerable advantages, and coupled with other strengths in manufacturing, has become the quality leader in the industry.

The different properties of Phthalocyanine dye helps make MAM-A media the best on the market, as it allies excellent quality with very high strength, remarkable reflectivity, low stress and ideal compatibility. What is more, during the recording process, the Phthalocyanine burns more accurately and faster than other dyes, which allows for first class fidelity in the retransmission of the information.

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