Printable Surface Solutions

MAM-A Inc. has re-engineered its printable surface media to maximize printability for all the industry’s leading CD-R and DVD-R printers. The newly engineered surfaces dramatically improve performance in all thermal transfer and inkjet disc printers, while decreasing the amount of printer resources required to achieve professional results.

Full-Surface Printable Media
MAM-A Inc. was the first DVD-R manufacturer to provide uninterrupted, edge-to-edge printing. To solve the limitation of partial-surface printing, MAM-A Inc. made slight physical adjustments to the print side of the disc, while maintaining absolute integrity of the data area.

Thermal Transfer Printable Discs
Our thermal transfer printable discs feature MAM-A’s patented Diamond Coat™ technology for single color or Crystal Coat™ technology for full-color printing. Both are engineered specifically to match the performance characteristics of all major thermal printers on the market.

Everest® Printing Tip:
If your discs sometimes don't print well at the top or the center of the disc (the "leading edge"), try using the "DVD Clear" setting. The image may transfer better at his higher heat setting.

Inkjet Printable Discs
MAM-A’s Inkjet media is compatible with the industry’s leading Inkjet printer manufacturers. Our super-porous coating provides a stable foundation for ink adherence, allowing for photo-quality images and crisp text. Extensive R&D efforts by our team of engineers have resulted in a faster, more complete drying time, bleed-resistant surfaces, and a whiter coating for true color representation. Also available with uninterrupted edge-to-edge print surface.

Custom Silk-Screening & Digital Printing
MAM-A Inc. offers in-house, custom silk-screening and digital printing services for our high quality line of recordable discs.

You can receive your pre-printed media in the packaging option of your choice. Custom jewel case booklets and inlay cards, and bulk product artwork are also available.

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