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Not all DVDs are Created Equal

  • Pure 24K Gold DVD+/-R
  • Silver DVD+/-R
  • Large Data Storage & Retrieval
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Store Video, Audio, Graphics or Data

Gold DVD+/-R

In order to meet consumer demands for high capacity, long life data storage, MAM-A Inc. has developed a Gold Archive Grade, recordable DVD media. The media is capable of storing any type of data or video content and is available in -R and +R formats for 4.7 GB of total storage space. This product uses 24 karat gold as the reflective layer, offering maximum resistance to chemical breakdown -- one of the major causes of disc failure. The MAM-A Gold Archive Grade DVD is offered as the long awaited companion to the MAM Archive Grade Gold CD-R which has earned a reputation for the best longevity of any storage media.

Caution:  This media is intended for use at 8X writing speed or less.  Your writer may attempt to use a higher writing speed.  Before burning, set your software to “8X, 6X or 4X” speed for absolute best performance.

Superior Dye Formulation
Unlike other DVD-R manufacturers, MAM-A has developed a brand new organic dye formulation used in the production of every MAM-A DVD-Recordable disc.

Superior Longevity
MAM-A Gold DVD-R discs have a life expectancy rating in excess of 100 years - ideal for archival use.

Global Compatability
Once written to, a MAM-A DVD-R disc adapts the same playback characteristics as a DVD-ROM disc, rendering it compatible with the world-wide base of both DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives which support DVD Recordable media.

Superior Physical Strength
DVD-Recordable discs are manufactured by bonding two 0.6 mm “halves” together to make one 1.2mm DVD-R; each half, capable of containing its own recording, reflective and protective layers.  The adhesive structure of MAM-A DVD-R is unique to our discs and has proven to have a higher bonding strength than other discs.  Physical tests to this bonding layer resulted in flawless results of the MAM-A DVD-Rs, which experience no signs of peeling or damage to the bonding layer.

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