MAM-A Gold Longevity
MAM-A CD-R Superior Performance

The Light Fastness Test (upper left) shows that MAM Gold will withstand the full spectrum of light, same as the sun, for 100 continuous hours without damage.

Our competitors' discs, with cyanine dye, begin to deteriorate after only 20 hours and fails at 65 hours. The results are similar when discs are subjected to high heat and humidity (upper right).

Using data from tests like these, industry standard guidelines predict that MAM Gold CD-R will last greater than 100 years! (In fact, if you extend the chart [lower right], the data predicts a lifetime of up to 300 years before failing at the Orange Book limit of 220 CPS)

All MAM CD-R discs are manufactured with our patented Phthalocyanine Dye (thalo-sy-a-neen) providing the longest lived recordable media available.

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