Firmware Upgrade Information

What is firmware?

All CD and DVD writers have firmware that contains basic operating instructions enabling them to write to the wide range of disc types in the marketplace.  When you insert a disc, the writer looks for the name of the manufacturer and the speed capability.  By referring to a look-up table, it finds specific writing instructions, then determines the optimum power level needed to get the best recording quality for your disc.  Drive manufacturers test recordable CD and DVD media from all of the major disc makers.  These sample discs are used to find a "writing strategy" that is best suited for each media type.  The writing strategy governs laser power and the on/off speed needed to optimize writing quality.  In addition to using the look up table,  the optimal writing power is determined for that disc when the drive does a "test write" to a non-user area of the disc.  After this information is found, the drive can finally "burn" the marks on the disc that ultimately are transformed into the 1s and 0s of your digital information. 

If the firmware in the drive is incomplete or outdated, it may not record at the top rated speed and even the best media may not produce acceptable recording quality. 

For help finding the current firmware for your drive, click here

Click on the links below to go to sites providing the most recent DVD firmware* upgrades.

Liteon  Philips      
 Asus Memorex   Plextor
 BenQ MSI  Sony Europe
 BTC NEC  Samsung
 HP Sony Optiarc       Tascam
 Iomega Pioneer               Teac
 Lacie Pioneer Japan   Toshiba
 LG / Hitachi

DVD +/-R Compatibility List [ 50k]
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