How to find your CD or DVD drive's model number:

PC with Windows
To get a list of drives installed, go to “My Computer,” right click on any of the drives in "folders", and go to the “Hardware tab”.  It will display the drive(s) installed on your computer (although not the drive letters).  You should see something like: “MATSHITA UJDA755z DVD/CDRW.”

For Firmware: 
go to:
-start menu
-system tools
-system info
-double click components
-click once on cd-rom
-look for your drive
-look at PnP device id
-the firmware version is shown between the dashes -------------------??????-----------------

Choose Apple System Profiler from the Apple menu (Mac OS 9), or open it from the Utilities folder (Applications/Utilities) in Mac OS X.  Click the Devices and Volumes tab and locate the listing for the optical drive.  Click the disclosure triangle to the left of the device listing to get more information about it.


   1. Open Apple System Profiler (from the Apple menu, choose 'About This Mac' and then click the 'More Info'
   2. Select 'Disc Burning' under 'Hardware'.

Finding the Drive Model and Firmware Version in the Burning Software: 

In Roxio, latest versions have a "Tools" pull down window.  There you'll find "Disc and Drive Utility"  with the drive model followed by firmware version. 

Nero Express:  Click on the "Options" button that appears on the page just after you select the content. 

In Nero CD-DVD Speed, the drive model and firmware version is listed on the main screen:

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