MAM CD-R Manufacturing Process


Injection molding is used to stamp a polycarbonate disc.
Polycarbonate was chosen because of its transparency, stability,impact resistance. Furthermore, it is free from impurities.
Polycarbonate, in the form of pellets, is heated to 350 degrees and injected into a mold cavity. A metal stamper is used to form the pregroove - spiral track during injection.

Dye Coating

The dye is applied by spin coating.
The thickness and evenness of the dye are important for the quality of the disc.
Drying : The dye must be dried and cured to ensure adequate adhesion to the polycarbonate.



  In order for the disc to be readable by laser, it must reflect the laser light. Silver or gold is used. Silver has a better reflectivity than gold.

The silver or gold is layered in a chamber, using vacuum - sputter. Argon inside the chamber attacks the metal, and this metal is projected using an electromagnetic field.

Lacquer Coating

Same process as for the dye, but in this case the nozzle dispenser is fixed.
Afterwards, the disc passes under an ultraviolet light to cure the lacquer coating.


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