All About Blu-ray

Professional Blu-ray Recordable Media for High Definition Requirements

A Single Layer, 25GB Bllu-ray Recorable (BD-R) holds 5x more storage capacity than a Single Layer DVD-R

25 GB for 135 minutes of High Definition Video
Also available in 50 GB Capacity

Superb Speed
High resolution and fast recordings at high speeds

  • Surface is protected with Hard Coating
  • Withstands dirt, scratches, and fingerprints
Printable Surfaces
Available in a wide variety of printable surfaces for a professional look.
Compatible with inkjet, thermal printables, Rimage Everest TM, as well as unbranded.
Custom private label silk-screening also available.

Blue Laser Technology Means Increased Capacity

The key technology behind the Blu-ray disc is the blue laser, which has a wavelength of only 405nm (billionths of a meter). DVDs use a pure red laser with a wavelength of 650nm, and CDs use a 780nm wavelength infra-red laser. The benefit of having a blue laser with a shorter wavelength means it is possible to write smaller data pits, and significantly increase the amount of data stored on a disc.

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