An unbelievable sound quality

MAM-A CD-Rs are known worldwide for reliability, durability, and universal compatibility. Thanks to Mitsui’s patented, most technically advanced dye in the world, phthalocyanine, and to a silver reflective layer, MAM-A Digital Audio CD-R makes it possible to obtain the same sound quality as the original.

MAM-A Digital Audio CD-R's are write-once, audio-only discs designed specifically for use in home audio systems. Consumers can create and archive up to 74 minutes of their favorite professional originals to custom CD's, which are fully compatible with the worldwide installed base of 600 million CD players. MAM-A Digital Audio CD-R discs for consumers are manufactured with Mitsui's patented phthalocyanine dye, providing the long life guaranteed from MAM-A, while also delivering a level of warmth in sound reproduction that is second to none.  Available in 74 or 80 min.  Our Digital Audio discs are ideal for real-time (1x) recording and are capable of burn speeds 1X-12X.

The Home Audio dedicated CD-R
The MAM-A Digital Audio CD-R was specially developed for Home Audio recorders. Designed for audio use only, it allows all consumers to record the same level of quality that, traditionally, was available only to professionals.

MAM-A Digital Audio : 100 % MAM-A

MAM’s Digital Audio CD-R benefits from our professional know-how and long term experience in CD-R technology. Like all MAM-A media, our Digital Audio CD-R comes with a lifetime warranty and is highly resistant to environmental stress as you can find in an automobile. Simulation tests under conditions of extreme heat, light and humidity have shown the lifetime of MAM-A’s (Silver) Audio CD-R to be at least 50 years. And even at direct exposure to the sun for more than 200 days, MAM-A’s Digital Audio CD-R retains 100% efficiency, thus exceeding all conventional Digital Audio CD-R.

MAM-A Pro Gold Audio Master
For the professional with a need to record high quality audio in real time, the MAM-A Pro Audio Gold Master offers exceptional reliability and and long life.  Enjoy the peace of mind using the best media in the business -- your time is valuable and your customer is indispensable.  The Pro Audio Gold has an expected lifetime of 300 years.

What's the difference between Standard MAM-A Gold Audio and Pro Audio Gold?
They are both produced on the same production lines, but the Pro Audio Gold Master is the "cream of the crop." We always sample from production to test quality, and sometimes the quality is exceptionally high (of course it's always within our specifications). At these times we pull the gold product, sampling it at a high frequency to ensure it's consistent high quality. This is what becomes Pro Audio Gold Master.   Rated for speeds 1X to 12X*

*Our standard media is rated for speeds 4X to 52X and should not be used for real time (1X) recording.

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