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The MAM-A Difference

MAM-A Inc. has developed a reputation for quality that is un-equaled in the CD industry. Because of our patented Phthalocyanine (thalo-sy-a-neen) dye and our attention to detail in the manufacturing process, we offer recordable media that is more reliable and longer lived than any other recording media available today. If you store it on MAM-A CD-R, you can be sure that you can reliably retrieve it for a long time to come. In fact, we conservatively estimate that our MAM-A Gold CD-R will last in excess of 300 years when stored at room temperature.  No other recording media that we know of can offer that kind of reliability. (Tapes don't come close and even "stamped" CDs will last 5-25 years at best).

The MAM-A Advantage

MAM-A CD-R media benefits from a consistency and process control which no other manufacturer can equal. MAM-A CD-R customers know that each component and each step in the manufacturing process has been subjected to the most rigorous quality controls in the industry. Every MAM-A CD-R is warranted for life. No other CD-R media manufacturer offers a warranty of this strength.

Every MAM-A CD-R is certified for use with all high speed recorders up to 52X. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, MAM-A's molding process results in discs that are flatter than the competition. While all discs are slightly warped, if they are warped beyond a certain tolerance they cannot be used for high speed recording. Secondly, the unique characteristics of the Phthalocyanine dye simply works better in high speed writers than other dyes. Some of the key parameters to judge CD quality actually improve at higher speeds with MAM CD-R.

High Speed Compatibility

Phthalocyanine dye is more sensitive to powered laser light and more conducive to high speed recording than other dyes. It is altered more quickly and sharply by the laser. Therefore it guarantees very precise recording at speeds 2X-52X with any type of recorder, and errorless read back by any type of player. Since we have not changed our dye formulation in over 5 years, drive manufacturers are able to easily configure their units for our dye. That's why MAM CD-R is compatible with every writer & reader on the market.  A CD-R that we manufactured 5 years ago will perform the same as the ones made today. Most of our competitors need to re-formulate for different speeds, requiring drive manufacturers to accommodate multiple variations.

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Diamond Coat® Protective Surface

Enhanced toughness and durability to withstand physical and environmental assaults that would destroy lesser discs
  •     MAM-A’s Diamond Coat® is applied over the "industry standard" coating for additional protection not offered by other manufacturers
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