Optical Discs: The Only DIGITAL Format With a Lifetime of Over 50 Years

Archive Media: How long is long enough?

Eventual migration to another media is inevitable
Migration is expensive and time consuming
Keep your valuable digital content as long as possible
Start with media with the longest expected lifetime

Read about Longevity of Recordable CDs & DVDs
(Link to the Canadian Conservation Institute website)


A comprehensive list of all firmware upgrades for DVD drives for various platforms can be found here: Firmware Upgrades

Optical discs licensed under U.S. Patents 6,890,704; 6,728,196; 7,349,323; 7,352,685; 7,600,992; 7,801,016; RE44,633; 8,363,534; 8,593,931; 8,705,334; CN1161769.

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